Integrated response to environmental challenges beyond geographical borders which lean on “entrepreneurship”, “team development”, and “insight promotion”

Mahsab and TNA

Added to its core activities, MahsabShargh in its reestablishment phase, was founded on capacities of “Water and Environment Group” (WEG) of Tarh-e-Now Andishan (TNA) Company and served also as TNA’s main associate in fields of water, environment, agriculture and Irrigation, and geotechnics. Accordingly MahsabShargh inherited the complete resumé of TNA’s WEG in the period of 2001-2016 added to its independent profile.


With an established position in national and international professional society, MahsabShargh strives the challenges in the fields of water and environment based on its prospective profound perception as well as its eminent professional assets.

Special Features.

Penad Plastic products have these features as well:

Long-term Warranty

Long lasting products with long-term warranty.

UN Standard

Standard for transporting hazardous materials.

Pressure Resistant

Prevent deformation in the high pressures.


Can be used to transport hazardous materials.

Acid Resistant

Resistant against acids or highly corrosive material.

Fire Resistant

Resistant against solvent and flammable materials.

Hit Resistant

Sudden drop resistant based on standard tests.

UV Resistant

Resistant against UV rays and sunlight.


Trackable barrel main customer.

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