About company

Penad Plastic Production Company (private joint stock) was established in 2006 and started mass production in 2008 in Central Region of Iran, Yazd Province. By aiming at attracting and promoting  its customers’ satisfaction and to contribute to the self-reliance of the Industry’s demand to blow moulding products, this company has already purchased new machineries from Bekum Maschinenfabriken GMBH in Germany.
In its first phase of production, this company started producing 220- liter L-ring, tight-head and open- head 220- liter drums in accordance with the European standards. As the mentioned drums are made of polyethylene with high molecular  weight and density (HMW-HDPE), despite their low weight, they are able to perfectly  bear stresses caused by possible fall and being stored for a long time. The products have long life quality.

High quality raw materials
One of the main approaches of the company in producing standard and high quality products is using high quality materials available in global market, such as the products of  Total Petrochemicals Europe Company of France and Clariant Chemicals in Germany; and considering the fact that super heavy polyethylene production require high technology, there are only some of the advanced countries of world; however, this company has tried to use those materials in its products in order to fulfill the local demand to high quality polyethylene  drums.
The  properties of super heavy polyethylene in high molecular weight (HMW-HDPE) in producing L-Ring drums include capacity of tolerating strong impacts, high resistance against static and dynamic loads, and long life against all environmental conditions in comparison with other polymer materials that are consumed in producing polymer containers.
In addition, this material has no effects on drugs and pharmaceutical substances; thus, the barrels have the capability of being used in any foodstuffs, hygienic and cosmetic industries.

Advanced facilities
Owing to its modern and advanced facilities, Penad Plastic Company has been able to present products to work in accordance with the global standards.
As producing L-ring drums  does not have an old history in polymer container production industry due to its requirement of high technology, the technology needed in manufacturing L-ring drums machineries  in Blow-moulding form is owned by a limited number of countries in the  industrial world , top of which is Germany, as a pioneer among countries that own this industry.  Upon its establishment, Penad Plastic  studied the companies that produce L-ring drum product machinery in Blow Moulding Method and started ordering its machineries to Bekum Maschinenfabriken GMBH in Germany, owing to  its good standing around the world as one of the most well-equipped companies and its machineries are unique in its type in Iran.

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