Drum Storage Standards

Standards for Storing the Drums Produced by Penad Plastic Production Company:

  • Drums should be placed, carried and stored on wooden pallets (free from any sharp edge metal objects) or standard polymers (to ensure the drums do not slide or fall, suitable belting or shrink must be used around the drums).
  •  Generally speaking it is not recommended to keep the filled drums in flat form due to the risk of creating cracks caused by environmental stresses, especially on the lids.
  •  The life-time of drums differs depending on the type of storage and type of materials fill; however, in general, its life is minimum three years.
  •  If drums are filled with hot materials, they should not be put on top of each other until cooling and being in same temperature as the environment.
  •  If the drums are filled by hot materials, to prevent any deformation of drums due to the difference between inside and outside the drums, the lids must be fastened only after the cool down of the materials, or, valve lid must be used as recommended by the producer.
  •  When the environment temperature is + 40 centigrade degree, make sure not more than 2 pallets are put on top of each other.
  •  Do not store the drums in direct sun shine, as much as possible.
  •  For optimizing the storage, it is recommended to fill the drums to the capacity recommended (208-210 liters).
  • When drums are stored without pallet, make sure the surface is free from any unevenness or sharp objects
  • Do not roll drums on floor.
  • The print is resistance before UV and climate conditions due to thermal operations and de-greasing; and care must be made not to expose the printed parts to abrasion or hard and sharp objects.


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