Our History

Mahsab Shargh was founded in 2005 to provide consultant services for Water and Environmental Projects. During the years 2013-2016, Mahsab Shargh joined Tarh Now Andishan Company to provide for its needs in Water & Environmental Projects as well as Irrigation & Drainage and Geotechnical Engineering. Over years, while working diligently to resolve water and environmental issues of development, it has accrued expertise in other fields such as Agriculture, Urban Planning and Management, GIS and Remote Sensing.
Thanks to its nimble-minded teams of experts, Mahsab Shargh has proposed many studies to its clients along with radical approaches to solving them. The management and staff of experts have strived for successful international experience both with projects and scientific research. Mahsab Shargh continuously holds/conducts educational workshops in its areas of expertise, from which it efficiently obtains knowledge and know-how that results in higher organizational values and quality service.    

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